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Siteground was found in 2004 and is one of the most popular shared hosting providers in the community. It offers multiple hosting options to the users including WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and even dedicated servers. With excellent features, optimized performance, and high speed, Site ground has emerged as a solid host and has carved a market for itself. Below is the list of its Pro’s and Con’s.


  1. Faster site loading
  2. Speed is an important factor in web hosting. SiteGround ensures that the site is light and is capable of loading faster by using SSD’s in all the servers. By constantly updating the software, Siteground ensures that its servers are faster and most updated to the latest technologies in the field. You can access data

  3. Highly recommended managed web host of WordPress
  4. The path to this recognition wouldn’t have been a walk on the cake. But it would have gone through thousands of security, and speed tests. SiteGround’s WordPress experts assist you with all the problems and technical glitches.

  5. High uptime percentage
  6. Uptime is a critical aspect of web hosting. From our observation, SiteGround Uptime Performance has been perfect almost always. They also compensate customers in case if they fail to keep up with the promise of 100% uptime.

  7. Top-Notch customer assistance and support
  8. The credibility of WebHost is determined by the kind of assistance and support to the customers, the credibility of the team and the speed at which problems are solved. SiteGround offers 24 x 7 live chat feature. Even if the live chat doesn’t work, you can talk to the experts over phone and you can expect replies and assistance in less than 10 minutes. They also have several articles that answer our frequently asked questions.

  9. Free backup on day-to-day basis
  10. The cloud and shared hosting options offered by SiteGround provides opportunities to backup data automatically. You can save time on backing up data manually as well as you do not have to worry about the loss of data.

  11. Value for money
  12. SIteGround is highly transparent and supportive to the community and has exceptional value for money. In a highly competitive environment that is prevailing, its pricing and plans are totally affordable.

  13. Unique tools for applications
  14. SiteGround has a large number of specialized tools designed to cater to specialized applications. It also has a simple account management panel and the overall design is easy to navigate.


  1. Shared hosting options are limited
  2. As their shared hosting options are limited, you will get only limited space that is fixed up for the plan you opt for. For instance, 10GB plan for Startup Plan, 20GB plan for GrowBig Plan and so on.

  3. Charges are high for the second term
  4. As a new user, you will be provided 60% less than the price in the tag. Once the subscription ends, you will have to pay the full price and renew the contract. It’s better to maximize the subscription period as a new user.


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